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Sonadow: The Creation - Chapter 4
Sonic and Shadow jumped the last few steps and their feet finally touched the concrete ground. There was a huge empty space like some huge ship was supposed to fly out of the spot.
"Down here." Shadow walked over to a dark hallway. He didn't question Shadow's memory of where he was going because he wouldn't know any better. Once they got to the end of the hallway he saw an electronic keypad glowing in the dark. Shadow walked up, pressed some numbers on it, and a door slowly creaked open. "After you." Shadow motioned his hand towards the door. Sonic walked into the room and couldn't see anything because it was pitch black.
"Glad you could make it Sonic." He heard a familiar voice ring through the room. He got into a defensive position as the lights flashed on. He saw Eggman walk up in front of him and lean down. "I bet you weren't expecting this." He laughed and tapped the glass Sonic had realized he was stuck in.
"What do you want egghead." He sneered.
"Well why do you think I had you
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Sonadow: The Creation - Chapter 3
Sonic and Shadow headed out the door and he took out his phone to look up G.U.N's location.
"Don't worry I know where they are." Shadow told Sonic.
"Oh alright." Sonic slipped his phone back into his pocket. He wasn't used to seeing Shadow like this. He seemed different and more distant. Was it his machine side? Was he just upset? He got the thoughts out of his head and classified them as unhealthy. "How far is it?" He asked.
"Maybe about 7 minutes." Shadow replied. Sonic had no knowledge of G.U.N being anywhere near 7 minutes around here. But it was probably a secretive location and so he wouldn't of known anyways. He followed Shadow to an open field until Shadow stopped. "Stay here." He told the blue hedgehog. Sonic sat down and Shadow walked over to a rock and picked it up. He watched him as he stepped on a button. The ground started the shake and then open up like a trench. Sonic stood up and backed away. Was this a secret entrance or something? After the hole was done opening, sta
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Super Sonic: Nothing to Fear Page 1 :iconokida:Okida 104 18
Mature content
Kaito Shadooow :iconshadowhatesomochao:shadowhatesomochao 79 16
Sonadow: The Creation - Chapter 1
Sonic sat on the grassy hill as the summer breeze blew through. Tomorrow he was going to see all of his friends at Tails' surprise birthday party. He had made plans to go shopping to get stuff for Tails' today with Shadow. Sonic realized he had absolutely no idea what time it was and checked his watch. It read exactly 11:37.
"Great." Sonic grunted as he jumped up off the ground. He had 8 minutes to get there which meant he wasn't going to be able to run leisurely. He got to the mall luckily with 2 minutes to spare, though Shadow wasn't anywhere to be seen. He decided to sit down on a bench and see if Shadow had texted, and he did.
"Sorry, going to be about 5 minutes late!" The text message read. Sonic grunted once more realizing that he could've run at his own speed anyways. Though he couldn't stay mad at Shadow, especially when he put the heart emoticons after those texts. Sonic figured that the best thing to do was play some games on his phone. He had been stuck on a level of aa for
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Mature content
Fallen Hero Cover :iconesther667:Esther667 134 40
Fallen Hero :iconesther667:Esther667 103 60 Patreon Wallpaper: August 2015 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 856 52 boy and Sword :iconlenmeu:Lenmeu 109 6 boy and Sword3 :iconlenmeu:Lenmeu 90 7 Are You My Brother? :iconissa-chan:Issa-chan 1,221 208 My Hand is Facinating :iconspiney-artz:Spiney-Artz 169 31 S.T.C Issue 4 Page 6 :iconokida:Okida 28 8 GOTF issue 13 page 14 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 615 119 CHAPTER 0: THE DREAM: PAGE 9 :icongrafffite:grafffite 45 18





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